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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is known as the most malicious virus category and is believed to have originated in Russia. The very first examples of such viruses are known to have appeared at the end of the 20th century.

RANSOMWARE IS MALWARE that locks your keyboard or computer to prevent you from accessing your data until you pay a ransom, usually demanded in Bitcoin. The digital extortion racket is not new—it’s been around since about 2005

The most frightening type of Ransomware encrypts all your files demanding money to restore them for you. Many people think this is the best option, and in some cases it works, but it just rewards criminals for their evil deeds. Somtimes they only take your money and you do not get your files back.. and there is nothing to say they will not just infect you again.

There is only one known method of successfully fighting Ransomware and its name is prevention. This has always been the most effective choice. What you have to do is to make an effort to BACK UP all your important files as often as you can until doing so becomes a habit. Creating such habits may save you from all sorts of threats. Backing up your files does not mean just copy them to another folder. Your backup files need to saved somewhere else, the cloud, flash drive, dvd... or on an external hard drive in a fire proof safe (or it that just me?)

What is a mirrorless camera?

A mirrorless camera uses an image sensor to provide an image to the electronic viewfinder (EVF). It is called mirrorless since it does not have a movable mirror in the optical path such as a DSLR.

Mirrorless cameras are aimed at a population of people who are unsatisfied with the performance of their compact cameras, but don't like the size, heft and mirror mechanism that are often complex and noisy of digital SLRs.

Sony is one of the only companies that currently offer full-frame mirrorless cameras. These are the A7, A7ii and the new A9 cameras.

A7 - No other full frame, interchangeable-lens camera is this light or this portable. Features 24.3 MP of rich detail, a true-to-life 2.4 million-dot OLED viewfinder, Wi-Fi sharing and an expandable shoe system. It's all the full-frame performance you ever wanted in a compact size that will change your perspective entirely.

A7ii - Minimize blur in every shot with the world’s first in-body 5-axis image stabilization in a full-frame camera. Best of all, it works with your favorite lenses. With 24.3MP resolution, super-fast autofocus and a compact design, you’ll capture breathtaking imagery and video that is more stable than ever.

A9 - In one game-changing leap the revolutionary image sensor and high-speed processing of the α9 reaches performance levels far beyond the incremental improvements gained through decades of mechanical refinement.

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